Whose job is it anyway?

I may have done the planting and Apollos the watering but it was God who made the seed grow! The planter and the waterer are nothing compared with him who gives life to the seed. Planter and waterer are alike insignificant, though each shall be rewarded according to his particular work.

In this work, we work with God..

(1 Corinthians 3.6-9, JB Phillips translation)

This blossom is on the apple tree in our garden, borne by a carefully trained branch, on a well pruned tree which only last year gave its first real harvest of delicious eating apples. There is some relationship between the care given by the gardener, and the fruit of the tree, but ultimately, we recognise the truth of what Paul is saying in this extract from his letter to the Corinthians: it is God alone who brings forth the life and fruit of the plant in due season, and to him alone belongs the credit!

As I prepare to lay down my responsibilities in order to move to our new place of ministry, I find that I have fallen into the trap of thinking that the work which I am leaving is somehow ‘my work’. I find myself unhappy about leaving a less-than-perfect arrangement behind me, or not finding people to take over my particular role before I leave. And as I consider why I am so upset, I find some very unattractive things going on.

I am behaving as though my worth and value depend upon the work I do instead of upon the identity I have as a child of God.

I am assuming that I will be judged upon the work I do, and if it is found wanting, then I am afraid of the condemnation of other people – instead of entrusting myself to God as my sole judge.

I am resenting the fact that other people are not willing to step up and take on jobs which can be demanding and time-consuming; when I know that I sometimes resent those same demands! I am being unloving, lacking compassion, and above all, not trusting God to provide for the work which he wants to do in his own way.

It is a painful grace when God shows us what is really going on in our hearts and minds, because we are ashamed of the reality – the ugliness and depth of pride which are revealed. But it is still grace, because he is giving us the chance to repent, to learn, and to move forward into a new way of living.

As I considered this, I thought of the great apostle Paul, who was required so many times in his ministry to pack up and leave – sometimes after very short periods – and who must have learnt very quickly how to handle this experience of relinquishment. In these verses from the first letter to the Corinthian church, Paul lays out very clearly his understanding of his role in God’s work – he describes himself as ‘insignificant’ and ‘nothing’. Now we know that in other places Paul describes his labours on behalf of the churches in great detail, and encourages them to follow his example of service and sacrifice. So he is not claiming to do nothing, but rather that in comparison to God, his role is ‘as nothing’.

God has chosen to give us, his children, the privilege of serving him, of working with him as he prepares for the return of Christ and the coming of the new creation. This is our great purpose in life, and one which we can be rightly proud of. But, we are not responsible for its completion. In fact, we only ever play a passing role, and must always be ready to be moved on and let God deal with what we leave behind. So it comes back to trust again..

Am I willing to trust God for the jobs I used to do? Am I willing to let things get messy, or even stop altogether and still believe that he is in charge and that I have not failed him? Am I willing to put to death the pride which longs to hear the praise of people for the ‘successful’ things I have done?

As I begin to see how deeply my pride is dragging me down into anxiety, frustration and resentment, I long to be free of it, and gladly confess that I need to be changed.

May God who honoured me by allowing me to serve him give me grace to let go and not fret, but recognise that obedience is what I am called to. May I be content to rest in his approval alone, and not look for affirmation anywhere else. May he continue to expose the roots of pride which disguise themselves so effectively, and cause me to stumble.

To him be the glory, in all things, for ever and ever, Amen!

1 thought on “Whose job is it anyway?


    aw bless you Elspeth, twenty two years is a long time as well it is very exciting for us to step forward in faith as well and do pray that what we do is fitting and God’s will when I was quite a young assistant head, I had a bit of a struggle with my Head Teacher at one point and could see a difficult week in front of me. I phoned Doreen, my friends Mum who had been brought up in Oban and knew my Mum as a young ten year old when My mum was about eighteen. she went to a fashion show and nudged her mum when my Mum passed by and said who is that and her mum said that’s Beatrice Lay, she is beautiful isn’t she. a few weeks later sadly Doreen’s mum died and she always fondly remembered the last time they had been out socially. when she was in town if she saw my Mum she would give her a shy smile and my Mum would smile back. anyway the point is that Doreen was a bit like a surrogate mum to me and because I was really low I phoned her and asked if I could visit her. so off I went to Kirkintilloch to download on her but a neighbour came in just before I arrived and sat and chatted all evening. Doreen kept looking over and tried to bring me in to the conversation. at one point I burst out laughing and they both turned to look at me. Doreen’s neighbour was telling Doreen that her son had joined a group and they were going to Belgium to do a gig. Doreen was horrified and said don’t you worry about him. and the neighbour said, worry is like a rocking chair it keeps you going but it doesn’t get you anywhere. anyway she eventually got up and left and Doreen said how sorry, but I said no that was just what I was needing, I will be okay and when I go into school the Boss wont intimidate me and will just picture a rocking chair if things get tough! so I wish you a metaphorical rocking chair and a sense of peace for sure, will love and blessings from Mana best go and pat the dog before I get going! xxx



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