On Friday morning..

Thank you Lord, that in the uncertainty which we face today, we have so much that is unchanging.

If you are willing, then on Friday morning, the sun will rise and give us light and warmth: there will be air for us to breathe and work for us to do.

On Friday morning, we will have enough food to eat, clothes to wear, and clean water to cleanse our bodies and to quench our thirst.

On Friday morning, we will face the future in the confidence of children of God, who is above all powers, and directs all the affairs of men according to his will. Nothing can take away our security in him, or undo the salvation he has worked on our behalf. Our identity is unshakeable.

On Friday morning, we will have people around us who have no idea that they are beloved, that their souls matter to God, and no idea that in a personal relationship with Christ Jesus, they can find a life better than they ever imagined! Our calling is unaltered.

Oh Father, you see our tremblings and understand our fears. May we bring them to you on Friday morning, and in our weakness, may the strength and glory which is your unchanging love for us, be made evident, as we face the future in confidence because we face it as believers in Jesus. For His sake, let it be so.


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